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Toolkit for Supporting Transgender Youth in the Workforce

Toolkit for Supporting Transgender Youth in the Workforce
Life experiences of transgender youth may be marked by rejection and discrimination, specifically when seeking and gaining employment. A new guide for case managers, Transgender Youth Employment Toolkit, addresses some common job-related challenges and presents ideas and activities to prepare and support transgender youth entering the workforce. 

The guide is intended to help employment caseworkers tailor and strengthen service delivery to transgender youth; however, its contents may also be applicable to other youth-serving professionals. For instance, the toolkit outlines terminology pertaining to gender identity, including a key vocabulary, best practices for employers, and indicators of transgender friendly workplaces.

Specifically, the toolkit emphasizes the importance of treating transgender clients with respect by using correct gender pronouns and educating employers about sensitive models for working with transgender employees to facilitate the development of nondiscriminatory and all-inclusive protocols.

Some of the relevant areas explored in this toolkit include:

  • Understanding hormone replacement therapy
  • Connecting youth with mentors and support groups
  • Finding suitable transgender-friendly employers
  • Securing and keeping a job

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