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The Legal Center for Foster Care & Education

In 2007, three nationally respected advocates for the educational rights of children in foster care - the American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law, the Education Law Center and the Juvenile Law Center - formed the Legal Center for Foster Care and Education.

The Center provides three types of services:

  • A strong voice at the national level for the education of children in foster care

  • A central clearinghouse of information on foster care and education

  • Training and technical assistance across the country

The Legal Center for Foster Care and Education are the national network to connect foster care and education advocates and organizations.

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The Legal Center for Foster Care and Education is pleased to release the latest edition of the Fostering Success in Education: National Factsheet on the Educational Outcomes of Children in Foster Care.

This publication provides a review of data and research, laws, and promising programs impacting the educational success of children in foster care. It consists of four sections that can individually or collectively inform advocates, policymakers, agency leaders, and other key stakeholders. These four sections are:

  1. A brief data at a glance summary about the educational outcomes of students in foster care;
  2. A summary of select federal policies that support educational stability and success and increased data collection and reporting;
  3. A comprehensive review of the studies and research related to the education of students in foster care, with accompanying citations; and
  4. An overview of some promising data-supported programs or interventions around the country designed to benefit students in foster care.

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