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Credit Transfer and School Completion

Students in foster care often experience a number of school changes, creating educational instability. 

You can help youth in foster care engage in education and create seamless transitions for students as they change schools.  The Legal Center for Foster Care & Education's resource addressing credit transfers and school completion, including:

  • Why are youth in out-of-home care more than twice as likely to drop out of high
    school as their peers?
  • Why do youth in out-of-home care experience difficulties obtaining full or partial
    credits for coursework previously completed at a different school?
  • Why do difficulties with transferring credits or coursework lead to higher drop
    out rates for youth in care?
  • Are there any examples around the country of how credit calculation and
    graduation requirements for highly mobile students have been addressed?
  • What can states do to address the challenges that prevent youth in care from
    losing credit or graduating?

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