Voting & Advocacy

In this blog, FSM Intern Sarah shares what voting and advocacy mean to her

What Voting Means to Me: 

Voting means that I have a say in our country's direction. I can choose leaders who represent my values and will lead and legislate accordingly.
As a parent, I feel called to vote because I'm doing my part to select a candidate who will make the choices that directly affect my children's futures. In addition, I am responsible for exercising my right to vote on issues like education, abortion, and international and economic policies. 

Also, I feel called to vote because of my heritage and ethnic background. My grandparents migrated from Mexico; they did not have the right to vote on issues that were dear to them, but I can. So every time I participate in voting, I'm representing my family and giving them a voice too. 

What Advocacy Means to Me: 
Advocacy, to me, means standing up for the little guy. There are so many vulnerable populations; as a mother, my heart breaks for children who have experienced abuse or neglect. Having been a victim of abuse, I know how critical it is to have an adult who believes you and stands up for you. It is a personal mission of mine to protect innocent children.

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