The First Day

WMU Seita Scholar Jessica Willingham talks about the first day!

Our first day in Washington DC was very busy! After filing out of the bus bleary eyed and excited, we dropped off our luggage into a few rooms while we waited for the rest of the rooms to get ready. Then we walked to a restaurant a few blocks from the hotel and had really nice lunch. The food was delicious and the company was amazing, making it an overall great lunch!

After lunch some people explored the city, while others headed back to hotel to shower and relax. I was in the latter group and let me tell you, it was the best shower of my life! I was tired and weary from travel, but that shower made me feel like whole new person.

The day’s event was planned by another Seita Scholar, Brittney, and I. The event consisted of a water tour cruise that went to Alexandria, Virginia with a planned dinner there. The restaurant was called Hard Times Café and it specializes in chili; I thought it had a good atmosphere with friendly staff.  After dinner we walked around Alexandria, the neighborhood was full of shops and restaurants with a historic feel. At 8:30 pm we all got on the boat to go back to DC. This time the ride was at night instead of during the day. I thought it was so pretty because of the sunset, and from the building’s lights in the distance. Overall it was an exciting, and eventful day with a great group of people.

Written by Jessica Willingham, WMU Seita Scholar, Senior

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