The day has finally come!

On Friday, August 16th 2013, 19 students representing Eastern Michigan University, Michigan State University, Saginaw State University, and Western Michigan University departed Kalamazoo, bound for the Center for Fostering Success' Student Leadership Retreat!

Between August 16th and August 24th, student participants will be writing blog entries here, and we invite you to share in their adventure!

You can also read updates and see pictures on the Fostering Success Michigan Facebook page!

The trip to Washington D.C. has finally arrived! Yay!
But, at the same time, Im all over the place with preparations. Its not a vacation trip so I can't just pack a couple shorts and some tanks. I have to pack professional clothes and some casual clothes for 8 days, but packing is a very tedious process for me, if I want to get everything just right.

Now, that packing is out of the way I am very excited to start this trip and see what experiences I gain along the way. The people, the places, and things I will come across on this trip may just give me insight into something I had not considered. Honestly, already the anticipated trip has me opening my eyes to new facts. For example: while I was packing last night I had a thought, a trip like this brings people together, someone you didn't know too well before could eventually become a lifelong friend. Even though I'm not going with that that as one of my goals, it is something to consider as I get to meet so many new people.

Written by Brittney Grant, WMU Seita Scholar, Junior

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