Meet the Changemakers: Tyler

Tyler is a Changemaker currently attending Grand Valley State University. 

Tyler “Mack” MacAvoy is a non-traditional engineering student at Grand Valley State University. He decided to take advantage of higher education programs while he was experiencing housing instability and homelessness, and he is thrilled to share his discovery and knowledge of these resources with other GVSU students who have similar experiences through the Changemaker program with Fostering Success Michigan. In addition to full-time studenthood and being a Changemaker, Mack also tutors K-12 students across the state of Michigan, and spends his evenings working part-time in a warehouse.

In his free time, Mack enjoys sitting down, petting his cats, listening to music, and playing his banjo (usually not simultaneously).

He aims to complete his bachelor’s degree in 2025, and intends to use his extensive experiences in housing instability and homelessness to promote awareness and change for students who follow.

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