Marina on Midsummer Living

Marina writes to us again, this time about managing our time in the midst of a nice summer.

Mid Summer living

When it comes to summer you want to drop everything and sit in the sun all day. But a lot of us can't afford that, we always have something on the calendars that we must do. Whether it is a job, bills to pay, summer classes, or a doctor to see there is a lot to do. Managing all of this, as well as trying to have fun in the summer can be a tough task. Let me tell you prioritizing is not my thing, I like to take my time on getting tasks done. When it comes to enjoying summer, and being with friends I want to not worry about all my problems. I am going to let you in on a secret: a planner is going to be your best friend if you wish to be great at time management. I have two planners, one for work and one for personal obligations. I use my phone as my work planner. I use it daily. This has helped me see where my free time lies so I can fit in other responsibilities and down time. With the time management skills, I have been employing, it has been much easier for me to pick up extra shifts without double scheduling. Doing this has been a great convenience. Time management also has allowed me to stay focused on my goals. When I know that the next day I have a girl’s day or shopping day, I make sure to not slack off at work and do my best since it pays off in the end. Also, we all have those days when we want to give up; however, we must be strong and fight through and we will come out on the top.

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