FSM Podcast Series: Student Strength Stories—Identity Domain, Sharaya S.

Each month, FSM features a student with strengths, skills, and resilience in each of the domains via podcast to celebrate student accomplishments and achievements and share resources with the FSM Network! Join us as we talk to graduate student Sharaya S. about her strengths in the identity domain!

Meet Sharaya S.!!!

My name is Sharaya Solomon. I am a current graduate student at Wayne State University (Detroit,MI) majoring in Education specializing in learning design and technology. I will be writing a series of blogs for FSM about the steps undergrads, specifically youth with experience in foster care, can take who have an interest in pursing graduate school. I am also the creator and account manager of @Texasbabii_, an Instagram social media personality that highlights my life experiences, fitness and hair care journey.

I graduated with a B.A. in Public Relations with a minor in New Media in May 2017. My dream job is to teach people through social interaction (online mediums). I love my African-American hair care and will often try new hairstyles to help show women who have a hard time trying to manage, style and take care of their unique hair texture. Most of my writing will be about education, health, hair and healthy lifestyle choices.

Hope you enjoy my website, blog and projects.

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