Beatriz Jacinto-Ventura

Everything I went through before coming to the United States made me strong and gave me the motivation to succeed in life.

Tell us about yourself

Name: Beatriz Jacinto-Ventura
School you attend: Western Michigan University
Status in school: Sophomore
Major: Accounting/ Spanish
Where are you from: Guatemala

Name two of your personal and professional goals.

At the moment, my personal goal is to go study in other country, which is going to happen very soon and learn French. My educational goal is to finish my undergrad education by 2015 and start working in my master program right after graduation.

What supports did/do you have that helped you to succeed?

My foster mother and the people that love me and never let me down are the primary support for me to succeed at school and in life. When I came to Western I was awarded the John Seita Scholarship and their support is a great resource for me as well. But without my mom, close friends and my past I wouldnt be where I am right now. Everything I went through before coming to the United States made me strong and gave me the motivation to succeed in life.

What’s your favorite song to dance and sing to when you’re alone and why?

Some day by Rob Thomas will be one of the songs that will be singing. One of the reasons that I love this song is because this song used to describe me until one day I decide to leave my past and be happy and not hide all the pain inside.

How do you stay motivated to accomplish your goals?

One of the things that motivate me the most everyday is the opportunity I was given to achieve a higher education, and to see how many people care about me without caring my race or my background. This is the motivation that gives me energy to fight for my goals and achieve them. My mom always said “we can Do anything we want if we have the courage to do it” and since then I have believe that I can accomplish anything in this world. Also thanks to my foster mom preaches I am reaching a education. Today I thank my mom and all my close friends that believes on me and never let me down. Thanks to them I am where I am today.

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