Foster Youth College Success Initiative (New York)

Established in 2015, the Foster Youth College Success Initiative (FYCSI) aims to provide critical financial, academic, and social support services for youth in care attending college. This statewide program seeks to help youth in care successfully apply to and matriculate from a higher education institute to ensure a successful, independent adulthood. FYCSI is housed in the EOP/HEOP/SEEK programs at participating SUNY, CUNY, and private universities.

Any student that was in foster care at any time after their 13th birthday is eligible to receive FYCSI funding, provided that they attend a university that operates an opportunity program and participates in FYCSI. Because the program is housed within opportunity programs, students must meet eligibility requirements of both the FYCSI program and the specific opportunity program at their school.

Funding for FYCSI needs to be secured on a yearly basis within the New York State budget.

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