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Webinar: Compassionate Communication by Timothy Huffman, Ph.D.

This webinar focuses on the question of how to successfully communicate with compassion. 

It is based on research by Dr. Timothy Huffman with homeless young adults aged 18 to 24.  The webinar discusses the elements of compassionate communication and compassionate ruptures --moments when a service provider attempts to demonstrate care but the recipient feels slighted, pitied, etc.  Overall, the goal for this webinar is to outline a set of strategies that can be used to communicate in an effective and caring way.  

Timothy Huffman graduated from the doctoral program at the Hugh Down's School of Human Communication at Arizona State University in 2013.  He also received a graduate certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and Management.  His undergraduate education included both communication and philosophy. 

Tim is currently a researcher for Skid Row Housing Trust in Los Angeles, California.  As a researcher,  Tim studies socially just communication and focuses on topics like altruism and compassion.  He takes a participatory action, qualitative approach to research design and strives to help communities discover creative ways to improve organized action.  His dissertation sought to understand and promote compassionate communication in nonprofit organizations serving homeless youth. 

Tim is an Assistant Professor at Loyola Marymount University and takes a socially-engaged, experimental learning approach.   He teaches broadly in the communication discipline, including classes in relational communication, organizational communication, research methods, and social justice communication.  His classes help students put communication theories into practice in for-profit, nonprofit, community, and student organizations.

As an activist, Tim works to help communities flourish and promote social justice.  He is particularly committed to issues regarding homelessness and served as the Executive Director for StandUp for Kids Phoenix, an organization that provides outreach to homeless and at-risk youth. 

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