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LINC Opportunity Center (LOC) Free Financial and Career Courses

The LINC Opportunity Center (LOC), located in Grand Rapids, MI, offers a host of FREE services designed to connect people with benefits screening, financial planning, budgeting assistance, and employment/career development.

LOC does not focus solely on helping people find work; they help families successfully work and contribute to their larger community.

LINC Opportunity Center Core course offering:

  • Personal Financial Coaching
  • Complete financial consultation
  • Credit repair
  • Prepare monthly budget and goals
  • Referrals to asset building resources
  • Create a financial plan for individual/family
  • Create a Success Plan
  • Career Development & Job Coaching
  • Career Plan Development
  • Resume development
  • Job leads and referrals
  • Job placement and ongoing follow-up support
  • Interviewing practice and workplace norms

All courses and workshops are offered for free. 

To participate in any of the workshops, you will have to attend a LOC orientation that are typically held on Wednesday mornings at 11am. 

To find out more about the workshops, and how to attend them, visit the links below. 

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Fostering Success Michigan is a program of Educate Tomorrow that aims to increase access and success in higher education and post-college careers for youth with experience in foster care. Learn how you can contribute to building a holistic network that insulates (i.e., strengthens protective factors and reduces risks) the education to career "pipeline." 

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