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Frequently Asked Questions From LGBT Prospective Adoptive Parents

The landscape for LGBT adoption is changing, with an increasing number of LGBT individuals and couples choosing to build families through adoption.

Many agencies, both public and private, welcome the LGBT community. Leading child welfare organizations believe that prospective LGBT parents are an excellent resource for children and youth in need of a permanent family. However, specific challenges continue to face many LGBT prospective adoptive parents; they vary depending on where you live and whether you adopt as a single person or a couple.

In this factsheet from the Child Welfare Information Gateway will help you answer some frequently asked questions. Find out.. 

  • How to find a welcoming agency
  • What states allow LGBT couples to foster or adopt
  • If you should you disclose your sexual orientation, and if so when?
  • What to expect from the home study or assessment
  • What to do if an agency is discriminating or unfair
  • How to find support during the waiting process

You can access the factsheet by clicking on the links below. 

Child Welfare Information Gateway. (2011). Frequently asked questions from lesbian, gay,
bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) prospective foster and adoptive parents. Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Children’s Bureau.

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