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FLUX: Life After Foster Care

FLUX - life after foster care was written by alumni of foster care to give advice to youth transitioning out of the foster care system.

From the Foster Care Alumni of America: “We wrote this book by asking ourselves, ‘what do I wish someone had told ME when I was 15, 18, 25?’ FLUX is our answer to that question. Those of us who aged out of foster care in previous generations would have loved this book.” said Misty Stenslie, deputy director of Foster Care Alumni of America.

“Unless you have actually lived the process of leaving foster care and trying to figure out how to be an ‘independent’ adult, you can’t really know what it is like. For too many of us, learning how to care for ourselves and build our own lives is a messy process of trial and error. FLUX provides context to the emotions, challenges and opportunities in a very complicated transition. While it won’t make the process easy, it will help make some sense out of the journey.”

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