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Michigan State University - FAME Program

The MSU FAME Program is a resource center for MSU students who have been in the foster care system or other out of home placements. FAME exists to provide a supportive network for foster care alumni on campus and connect them to supportive services to ensure their success as college students and support them toward graduation. Key components of the FAME program include: Individual Coaching, Mentoring Program, Care Package Delivery during final exams, Interactive website for service linkages, Campus Champions in various departments throughout the University, Financial Assistance Fund, Student Activity Board, which provides leadership and advocacy experience and individualized life skills training and development. FAME also offers a college and adult life preparatory summer camp for current high school students in foster care, which is held annually in August.

Be sure to check out our FSM HEC Webinar Series Getting to Know FSM Higher Education Consortium: Michigan State University FAME Program!! This webinar highlights the FAME Program at Michigan State University and how it supports postsecondart access and success for students with experience in foster care.

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Fostering Success Michigan is a program of Educate Tomorrow that aims to increase access and success in higher education and post-college careers for youth with experience in foster care. Learn how you can contribute to building a holistic network that insulates (i.e., strengthens protective factors and reduces risks) the education to career "pipeline." 

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