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Champions of Domains Webinar: Finances & Employment Domain, MPowering My Success

The Fostering Success Michigan Higher Education Consortium (FSM HEC) is comprised of 17 campus-based support programs from across Michigan who work together to collaborate and advocate to increase postsecondary access and success for youth from experience in foster care.  This webinar series highlights the diversity of postsecondary programs and support offered to students in Michigan so that students can determine which school and program best fit their needs. Additionally, professionals can learn more about program offerings and ways to support students.

The Fostering Laker Success Program at Grand Valley State University is designed to help current and former foster youth who are transitioning into college life and adulthood. Through campus collaboration, Fostering Laker Success provides a supportive network to ensure student success on and off campus and works to help students achieve their academic and personal goals. Join us as we talk to Jessica Campbell (JC), Independent Living Skills Coach about this new program and partner!

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Fostering Success Michigan is a statewide initiative that aims to increase access and success in higher education and post-college careers for youth with experience in foster care. Learn how you can contribute to building a holistic network that insulates (i.e., strengthens protective factors and reduces risks) the education to career "pipeline." 

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