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Brief: Education Records of Children in Foster Care

This brief describes the barriers to educational success that children in foster care often face, and how a new amendment to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) makes it easier for child welfare agencies to collaborate with schools to eliminate these barriers for children in foster care.

Within the brief you will find important information regarding educational barriers to students in foster care.

Importance of Collaboration: Students experiencing foster care often experience poor academic outcomes, but with the collaboration of schools and agencies, there is a chance that some of the barriers students face can be lessened and therefor improving educational outcomes.

Importance of Sharing Information: Educational information can help to infrom placement recommendations, inform IEP's, as well as increase accountability of agencies. However this is not an all inclusive list, see the brief to gain more in depth information.

FERPA and the Uninterrupted Scholars Act: The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents schools from sharing identifying information with third parites without parental consent. However, FERPA has been amended with the Uninterrupted Scholars Act that makes the sharing of information with child welfare staff easier.

Sharing of Educational Records

Release of Educational Records Under Court Order

Release of Infromation Without Parental Consent Under FERPA

Sharing of Information for Statistical Purposes: In 2011, FERPA was ammended to allow educational bodies to release infromation for statistical purposes to authorized entities. 

What States Have Done to Impliment the Uninterrupted Scholars Act: Implimentation has been left in the hands of the states. However this brief provides suggestions as to what to consider when creating policy. 

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