The Power of Voting

Jordi, an advocate and Educate Tomorrow Changemaker attending Grand Valley State University, writes about what voting means for him. 

What does voting mean to you?

For me, voting means having the right to participate in electing or bringing a change to a policy or laws that affect my day-to-day life.

Voting is extremely powerful in our society. By voting, citizens participate in the democratic process. Citizens elect leaders to represent them and their ideas, and the leaders support the interests of the citizens. It is encouraged to vote because most people suffer due to the approaches enacted by the representatives. For example, it can be seen in President Trump's executive order on immigration, which he implemented while in office. His immigration policy benefited American citizens but also harmed some people's lives, particularly immigrants. Voting appears to be enjoyable for some people, but it is a difficult decision to make. Many people vote for personal reasons without considering how it will affect the minority of the country. When it comes to voting, your voice counts only to make a difference.

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