The Bus Ride

Western Michigan University Seita Scholar Michael Marotta talks about the 12 (yes, 12!) hour bus trip.

The day seems to start of slow having to wait for all the people to show up. Once everyone was there, we ate. During dinner it was nice to talk to old friends about their summer and what they did, and to meet and learn about people I have not met before. The longer everyone talked and met each other it became quite clear that the group of students participating in this retreat would have a great time.

The bus ride was an adventure on its own, from the “person” scavenger hunt in the beginning to watching movies. The scavenger hunt was a great way to meet people and was a nice friendly competition between the students, which I was one of the winners so that’s always good. The thought of the bus ride being twelve hours seemed like a long time and that’s because it was a long time. When I wasn’t sleeping or playing on my iPod, I would be lost looking out the window looking at the beautiful landscape. That was Friday in a nutshell, meeting people and sleeping on the bus.

Written by Michael Marotta, Seita Scholar, Senior at Western Michigan University

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