Meet Lori, a Student Advisory Board Member who is making her mark by helping others

I have been so inspired over the last month by FSM staff, students, and network partners who have shared their #MakeYourMarkFSM photos on social media! (It’s not too late to post your photos! More info available in this blog entry) It is so exciting and uplifting to see the passion so many of you have for working with young people who have experienced time in foster care. Lori Johnson, one of FSM’s Student Advisory Board members, is one of those people that inspires me because of how she puts her passion into action. I am honored to feature Lori on Brittany’s Blog. Welcome, Lori!

Hello, my name is Lori Johnson. I am a full time student at the University of Michigan Flint. My original plan was to major in Biology with a concentration in Pre-Med but I am now majoring in Social Work with a minor in Substance Abuse Treatment. I am happy with my choice! In addition to changing my major this year, I also joined the Fostering Success of Michigan’s Student Advisory Board. I am happy that I decided to be a part of the board because I was able to plan for the Summit and help with workshop choices. I was also able to work with the other students on the board in creating a sweatshirt design which, by the way, is awesome!
     For this year’s Summit, the theme is “Make Your Mark!” One thing that I can say that made my mark was education. Going to school has helped me build my character, gain knowledge, and also help others. I currently work on campus as a Program Assistant. I love what I do because I get to have interactions with other students (whether it’s helping a student study for an exam or helping a student with homework), colleagues, and professors. Building a relationship with your professors is a good skill to have because they can potentially help you get into graduate school (by writing recommendation letters).
     What is my passion? My passion is helping people. I want to help foster youth as much as possible because I too, experienced the ins-and-outs of foster care. Going into Social Work will help me achieve putting my passion into action!

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