“I Am Strong” A Poem by Stephanie Otis, MYOI President

"I Am Strong" A Poem by Stephanie Otis, MYOI President and Youth from Foster Care

I Am Strong

Don't run.  Stop.  Think.  It will be okay.  Relate and react.  Have no regrets.  Do what you can and be proud of it.  Guilt is not acceptable.  Reconnect with the ones who love you.  Not the ones who have hurt you.  Life does go on.  I beg you not to just let it pass by.  Don't just let it be, let it live.  You are strong.  You are confident.  You are beautiful in your own skin, show it.  You are a person for you, and you DO have people that love you.  Even if you don't know it.  Believe in yourself.  You never need someone, but it is nice to always have someone.  Be independent, but don't let your pride get to you.  It is okay to ask for help when you need it.  Never forget, and always remember.  I AM STRONG!  "Don't Worry", you've got this.

-Stephanie Otis

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