Getting to Know Justis F.!

Each month, Fostering Success Michigan features a Student Spotlight that celebrates the accomplishments and achievements of students with experience in foster care who are in one of 12 higher education support programs in Michigan. Do you know a student to spotlight? We would love to hear from you!

September, 2014 FSM Student Spotlight

Earlier this month we heard from Joi Rencher, Independent Living Skills Coach at the Mentorship, Access, and Guidance in College (MAGIC) program at Eastern Michigan University. She shared with us the story of student and scholar, Justis F. We then asked Justis a few questions....Get to know Justis F.!
FSM: Please tell us about your accomplishments thus far and/or a talent that is related to your college experience?
JF: I got all A's and B's my freshman year in college with a few minor setbacks. I fixed those setbacks during my summer semester and am back on a role. There is nothing better than having good grades; that's always an accomplishment for me. There are plenty more to come, just wait on it. And you want to know what my all-time talent is? That is being me! The success to making my way through college!

FSM: What do you hope to do after graduation? Do you have a specific area of passion?
JF: After graduation, I would like to pursue my career working in pediatrics (PEDS) at a big hospital, something like the U of M hospital. Eventually I would like to either go to grad school or further my education to become a midwife nurse. 

FSM: What can professionals do to better serve students with experience in foster care?
JF: The only thing that I wish professionals could do better in serving students (this does not go out to all professionals, but some) is to answer the questions we have. The response I get to half of my questions is "I don't know". That begins to be very frustrating. 

FSM: What advice do you have for students thinking about going to college?
JF: My advice is to have fun, just not too much fun. Be able to experience college in the best way you can. Stay on top of your grades, STUDY!! And just enjoy yourself; it really comes out to be a great thing if everything goes the right way. Good Luck!!

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