Advocacy, fun facts, and frozen yogurt!

Jessica Willingham, WMU Seita Scholar and Senior, talks about advocacy, fun Washington DC facts, and her new love of frozen yogurt!

Day 6: Wednesday, August 21 

On Wednesday we met with the staffers from Senator Debbie Stabenow’s office. They were attentive and listened to our concerns as well as answered the questions we had. We talked about Medicaid for foster care alumni and about the changes in food stamp eligibility requirements for college students. Senator Stabenow is a true inspiration and the issues she stands for show her compassion and eagerness to help those in need.
After our meeting we took a tour of the capital. I learned a lot of interesting facts about the capital and the government itself. Did you know that in DC no building may be taller than 19 foot statue called “Freedom” on top of the capital building? The reason for this is so nothing stands above “Freedom”.

We also had a few hours of free time, which I used to look at stores on F Street and to get some frozen yogurt. I tried frozen yogurt for the first time on this trip a few days ago, since then I have been hooked! In my opinion it is better tasting than ice cream and I heard that it is healthier too, so that’s a bonus.

Then we went to a baseball game in Maryland. The home team was the Baltimore Orioles and they played the Tampa Bay Rays. I have never watched a baseball game before, so I was lost most of the game, but it was interesting. Unfortunately, we had to leave before the game ended, because we have a very early day tomorrow. As a result I do not know who won, but I do know the Orioles were ahead before we left. All in all it was another great day.

Written by Jessica Willingham, WMU Seita Scholar, Senior

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