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Webinar Toolkit: “...TIP, FAFSA, ETV, & YIT Facts & Tips”

Webinar Toolkit: "Maximizing Available Resources for Students From Foster Care: TIP, FAFSA, ETV, & YIT Facts & Tips"

This webinar provides an overview on each program, discusses how to apply/get started, gives the audience important tips and information, provides contact organizations and people to reach for additional support, touches on "College Goal Sunday", and answers the audiences questions.

Speaker Information:

Ann Rossi
Departmental Analyst Education/Employment Michigan Department of Human Services
235 S. Grand Ave.  Suite 514
Lansing, MI  48909
(517) 373-2851

Shannon Price
Coordinator of Outreach Activities
State of Michigan/Department of Treasury
Student Scholarships and Grants
(517) 335-4884  

Reco Spencer
ETV Case Manager (Detroit)
(734) 536-2581

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