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The New Foster Care College for Creative Studies Scholarship

In an effort to remove barriers for young adults aging out of the Michigan foster care system, The New Foster Care and Fostering Success Michigan, in partnership with the College for Creative Studies, have created a scholarship opportunity for students interested in studying art and design! This scholarship will support undergraduate students at CCS in any discipline. Funds awarded will be determined with the purpose of extending the scholarship over the maximum number of years to support graduation. Support services are available on campus through Fostering Success Michigan (FSM) and The New Foster Care, in conjunction with an FSM Designated Campus Champion in the College for Creative Studies Wellness Center.

Scholarships will be awarded to degree-seeking students in any major who meet the criteria of the award. Award recipients will be pre-selected by the Director of Financial Aid based upon strong financial need, and GPA of 2.5 or above. Final selection is made in conjunction with Dean of Admissions. 

Interested students must file the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and qualify as "independent" on FASFA application, demonstrate high need, and exhibit a level of maturity and desire to learn appropriate to the rigors of a CCS program of study. Admission to the College for Creative Studies requires a portfolio. Support is available on campus to assist students with the admissions process.  Interested students must also provide two letters of recommendation on their behalf from supportive adults or case workers, professionals or colleagues.

The scholarship will be re-evaluated each spring for a fall award, based on the student being in good academic standing. Should the original student not qualify for renewal of the award, one semester of probation will ensue to improve their GPA to good academic standing.

For more information about the scholarship click here! You can also reach out to Fostering Success Michigan at if you have questions or are interested in applying! 

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