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The Affordable Care Act: Resource Toolkit

The Affordable Care Act: Resource Toolkit

Approximately 26,000 youth age out of foster care each year across the country, most of them eligible for the new Medicaid Expansion through the Affordable Care Act.  Do you and the adult supporters you work with think you’re ready to help young people navigate the system?

This toolkit serves as a supplement to FSM's webinar on the Affordable Care Act on December 10, 2013 featuring Timothy Bell. (Please see FSM's resource page for the webinar recording). Timothy Bell works for FosterClub as their Training and Policy Coordinator, supporting the efforts of youth and alumni of the foster care system in leadership development as they influence policy and practice across the country.  Timothy will walk you through what he’s learned about “Obamacare”, it’s implications for foster youth, Medicaid Expansion, as well as what young people are saying (or not saying) about the new health care law. 

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