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The 7 Life Domains for Students by Students: Webinar and Toolkit!

Meet Brittney C. and Bri S., the FSM Student Ambassadors....

They have created a toolkit and webinar just for students about the 7 Life Domains!

A note from Brittney and Bri:

You may have talked about the 7 Life Domains to your campus coach, or maybe you've never even heard of them!  The 7 Life Domains is a helpful way to understand the different things in your life that can effect getting to college, staying in college and graduating. As students with experience in foster care, we can use the 7 Life Domains as a way to problem solve things in our lives that can get in the way of our goals.  This webinar breaks down the 7 Life Domains in a way like never before! Youth with experience in foster care can start using this tool to help prepare them for college at as early as 13 years old.  In the webinar, students share their experiences and advice on ways to be successful getting to and staying in college.  They answer common questions that students with experience in foster care may have about college. 

Watch the webinar on YouTube now and check out the links below for more information about each of the domains! 

The 7 Life Domains

**Special thanks to Brandon Y., Mercie F., Alecia D., Justin B., and FSM Graduate Assistant Jerrell Amos for your work on the FSM Student Union during the 2016-2017 school year! Your research and writings in the 7 Life Domains informed this webinar and toolkit! 

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