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How to Catch a Bus - Using Public Transportation

To successfully use the public transportation in your community, you want to make sure you know a few things.

1) Where is the closest bus stop to you?  Where is the closest bus stop to your destination?  Make sure the buses are still running when you need to return home.

2) How do you pay?  Many buses require you to have exact change for your fare.  Others will ask for a pass or ticket, that you pay beforehand.  Research this before setting out.  Always make sure you have enough money to return home.

3) Study the bus routes.  In larger cities, buses have different routes.  Look over the schedules and bus routes to learn where buses travel in your community.  This can also help you plan for using the bus in the future and for using it in your daily transportation routine.

Some people are anxious about catching a bus but a little bit of advance research can set your mind at rest. You will also discover that this is a very efficient mode of transport that also gives you time to relax, read, listen to music, or simply stare out the window.

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