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Gay/Lesbian Adoptive/Foster Parent Scholarship

Gay/Lesbian Adoptive/Foster Parent Scholarship

Win a $750 scholarship--$500 towards your tuition and $250 towards living expenses. We'll also give a $250 donation to an adoption or foster-related non-profit organization. Write 500-650 words supporting this prompt, "My adoptive/foster parent is gay/lesbian and I wouldn't change it."

Application Deadline: 11:59pm PST on September 30, 2016

Requirements and Tips

Your adoptive or foster parent is gay or lesbian.

You are at least 18 years old when applying.

You are enrolled in am institution of higher learning. Your course load must be at least 6 units / credits. Applicants from community, public, and private colleges, as well as graduate schools are invited to apply. Must provide government issued proof of identity and school registration. Must maintain, and provide proof of, a cumulative 2.0 G.P.A. Grading is based on responsiveness, clarity, and organization. We will use to verify your word count--we suggest that you do the same. Applicants who do not win will not be notified.

Your donations help make a difference

Fostering Success Michigan is a program of Educate Tomorrow that aims to increase access and success in higher education and post-college careers for youth with experience in foster care. Learn how you can contribute to building a holistic network that insulates (i.e., strengthens protective factors and reduces risks) the education to career "pipeline." 

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