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FSM Guides: “Getting to Know…” Series

At FSM, we have created a number of resource guides to assist students with experience in foster care, professionals, and supportive adults in navigating the education to career pipeline.

Read below to find out more information on each guide. To view an electronic copy, click on the corresponding title in the right hand column.


Hey Partners! Feel free to print off our FSM Guides 1-Pager which provides information about each FSM Guide and where to find them on our website! Click on the PDF link on the right hand column for access to the FSM Guides 1-Pager.


Getting to Know... The Affordable Care Act

This guide can be used by anyone who is interested in learning more about what students from foster care ages 18 - 26 need to know about the Affordable Care Act. This includes students, case workers, educators, social workers, supportive adults, community members, and educational administrators and staff.




Getting to Know... Financial Aid

This guide can be used by anyone who is interested in learning more about higher education financial aid for youth and alumni of foster care, age 17-25. This includes students, educators, social workers, community members, and educational administrators and staff.

This particular guide has been translated into Spanish, as well!

Please click here to view the Spanish version!

Esta guía puede ser usada por alguien que le interesa aprend

er más sobre la ayuda financiera en la educación

 superior para los alumnos de acogida temporal de edades 17-25 años. Esto incluye los estudiantes, los educadores, los administradores educativos, y el personal.





(UPDATED!) Getting to Know... Higher Education Resources for Students from Foster Care

This guide can be used by anyone who is interested in learning more about support programs, scholarships, or other resources available to students from foster care at Michigan colleges and universities. This includes students from foster care, DHHS case managers and education planners, Local College Access Network coordinators, foster parents and caregivers, High School counselors, and college advisors.



Getting to Know... Youth and Alumni of Care

This guide can be used by anyone who is interested in learning more about the unique challenges and needs of youth and alumni of foster care. This includes educators, social workers, health care providers, community members, and educational administrators and staff.





Transition Checklist

When a youth goes through the process of transitioning out of foster care, they will need to present a variety of documents to care providers, school officials, and case workers. Carlos Daniels, 23, is an alumni of foster care and currently in college from Detroit, Michigan. He developed and uses this reference list and an accordion file to keep the documents organized and easy to find.




Getting to Know...Child Welfare for Educators

This guide will provide anyone involved in education with an introduction to what it means to be in foster care, typical characteristics of students from care, and actions  you can take to support students in their quest for higher education. This is also a great general introduction to common financial aid terms used when students begin the process of applying to secondary education.








E-Brief: TRIO Programs in Michigan- Eligibility and Institutional Information 

This E-brief provides descriptions and eligibility criteria for all 8 TRIO programs in Michigan. Each program contains a list of participating or host institutions, as well as links to specific program websites.

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