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College Students from Foster Care: Is there a Gap Between Academic Aspirations and College Readiness

It is often reported that 70% of youth in foster care aspire to go to college but far less actually enroll.

This webinar discusses implications of a research study that compared self-report college readiness of 81 students who aged out of foster care and enrolled in a 4-year public university to the national norms using the College Student Inventory. The study results showed that students from foster care were less well academically prepared but reported higher hopes of readiness for college. These results provide important awareness of the needs of the college students who age out of foster care and guide directions for support services.

Yvonne Unrau, Ph.D. is Professor of Social Work and Director of the Center for Fostering Success at Western Michigan University. Her work is dedicated to improving both service experiences and client outcomes for vulnerable children and families, especially those whose lives have been touched by foster care.

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