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9 Ideas from Young Leaders at FosterClub: Re-connecting with Bio-Families

Below you will find nine ideas from the young leaders of FosterClub about how you can help college age foster youth connect with biological family, and stay focused on higher education at the same time.

  1. While still in care, support a youth in making thoughtful and safe reconnections.
  2. Explain the concept of boundaries.
  3. Provide youth with the opportunity to practice communication skills and upholding boundaries through scenarios and role-play.
  4. Check judgments at the door.
  5. Help adoptive, ‘chosen’ family, and biological family understand they ALL have a role to play
  6. Encourage family traditions.
  7. Assist with family finding.
  8. Start slow and manage expectations.
  9. Use the Permanency Pact.

For more information on each of these, follow the link below.

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