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10 Questions to Ask When Seeking an Affordable College Education

This Blog from the EduOptimists asks 10 questions to ask when seeking an affodable education. 

College is expensive– no doubt about it. But when seeking an affordable college education, many people get distracted by the information provided by colleges and universities, and forget to find out what’s really important.

Here are the 10 questions. To see their descriptions, please click on the link provided below. 

  1. What is the full cost of attending college, with everything included, and will this rise while you are in school?
  2. Will your financial aid package change over time?
  3. Who will help you with your financial challenges?
  4. Are you a priority when it comes to institutional spending?
  5. What say will you have in how the college or university spends its money?
  6. What will it cost for you to “fit in” to campus life?
  7. What are the other hidden costs of attendance you will experience?
  8. Where will you work?
  9. Who will teach you?
  10. How will you learn?

To learn more, follow the link below!

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